Indoor Fun


Our Playopolis arcade has every kind of arcade game you can think of! Win big on tickets and cash them in for Kartrite Resort prizes.


Strike! Spare! Gutter Ball! Van Winkle’s Alley is the perfect place for family fun where laughter is contagious!


Looking to get moving a bit? Conquer the Carabiners ropes course & zipline for a daring adventure!


Climb, climb, climb! Scale the Scrapeskyer climbing wall and reach the summit!


Dive into a 3D adventure (or should we say, XD)! The Dark Side is a fully-interactive 3D gaming experience. Immerse yourself in a new world as you are transported to fascinating terrain. In the Dark Side you feel the experience.


Form up and enter AmazeQuest for a game of laser tag! Your squad will work together to come out on top against rival teams (all in good fun, of course).


No adventure center would be complete without VR! Virtuality is an innovative virtual reality ride that’s sure to amaze.


Playing the games is only the beginning of the fun. Bring your tickets to The Vault – where great prizes await you! This amazing redemption store can turn all of your game play into great prizes for both kids and adults.


  • 625 Credits $120

    ($0.19 per credit)

  • 350 Credits $75

    ($0.21 per credit)

  • 220 Credits $50

    ($0.22 per credit)

  • 106 Credits $25

    ($0.23 per credit)

Game cards are available in any denomination and divided on up to 6 game cards.


  • Ropes Course $12

    Carabiners - $12 or 48 Credits
    Height Requirements- 42"-48" Needs and Adult
    48"- Can participate on their own

  • Laser Tag $12

    Amazequest - $12 or 48 Credits
    Height Requirements- 40"

  • Virtual Reality $12

    Virtuality/Transformers - $12 or 48 Credits
    Height Requirements- 40"

  • 4D Theater $7

    Dark Side - $7 or 28 Credits

  • Climbing Walls $7

    Scrapeskyer - $7 or 28 Credits
    Height Requirements- 40"

  • Mini Bowling $6

    Van Winkle's Alley - $6 or 24 Credits

Indoor Fun Packages

  • Ultimate 1 Package $200

    1,111 Credits
    1,111 Prize Tickets
    ($0.18 per credit)

  • Big Play $150

    800 Credits
    +600 Prize Tickets
    (Save $4.50!)

  • Pick Four $50

    ANY 4 Attractions - 80 Credits
    Choose 4 of the following: Mini Bowling, Climbing Walls, 4D Theater, Laser Tag, Ropes Course, Virtual Reality,
    (Save up to $18!)

  • Pick Three $35

    ANY 3 Attractions - 60 Credits
    Choose 3 of the following: Mini Bowling, Climbing Walls, 4D Theater, Laser Tag, Ropes Course, Virtual Reality,
    (Save up to $16!)

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