Delicious Doesn't Describe It

What would a scenic Catskills vacation be without some delicious dishes and scrumptious sweets! We’ve got all types of cuisines to tantalize your taste buds at The Kartrite Resort, from a palate-pleasing buffet (aptly named Eat. Eat. Eat.) to fine dining at Bixby’s Derby. And to our waterpark-goers; you can grab a quick bite to eat at Surfside Grille. Choose from all kinds of candy and ice cream treats at Pop’s Sweet Shoppe, or take a stroll through The Highline for cookies, brownies, fudge, cupcakes, pastries and of course, coffee. Nightlife in the mountains comes alive at The Kartrite! Check out our chic bar, Harvey’s Wallbanger and choose from a wide variety of spirits and craft beers. Or enjoy a refreshing drink during your indoor waterpark adventure at Bar Mez. Learn more about your Catskills restaurant and bar options below.



plate of food with glasses and table setting in foreground

Bixby's Derby

You know that place down the road? The really good one. The restaurant where you walk in and everything just works. The place where the servers and the bartenders know exactly what you’re looking for. And the place where the food challenges you just a bit. And every time you venture just a touch beyond what you’re used to you learn a little bit about yourself. Bixby’s Derby is that place. A little bit funky. A little bit interesting. And a lot of really, really good food.

couple having wine

Bixby’s Tavern & Tap Room

We’ve gathered some of the finest local meats and produce to create a simple, satisfying and scrumptious menu that will satisfy the foodies, the bar crowd, the kids and the pickiest of eaters Bixby’s Derby Tavern and Tap room, just off the main lobby, will satisfy your inner iron chef with the area’s finest cuisine. Enjoy a great meal and our handcrafted signature cocktails surrounded in comfort with the grand view of the Catskills right outside the windows. And, if you have a moment, check out our light fixtures built specifically for us here at Bixby’s.

harvey's photo

Harvey's Wallbanger

The Kartrite’s nod to the “great American bar”. Walk in at any time. Sit down. Have a drink. Catch the game on any of the big screens. You’ll be welcomed with a smile and a great conversation. It’s almost like you could imagine Hemingway sitting here gabbing with his pals about his latest adventure in Venice and Pamplona. Sure the stories are a bit “tall” shall we say. But they're fun. And so is Harvey’s. Enjoy our signature re-imaginations of classic cocktails or the new inventions of our world class mixologists. Relax for a bit between surf sets. Grab a drink and a quick bite between bowling games. Or just meet someone new. Harvey’s Wallbanger is the place.

Watching an omelette flip

Eat. Eat. Eat.

We’ve created our buffet to be all about the joy of food. No pretense. No stuffiness.  Just a bustling culinary experience for an amazing breakfast and scrumptious evening dining spectacular. New York’s classic big breakfast and custom omelet station is accompanied by savory brunch items that get the day rolling at full speed. Eggs, breakfast sandwiches, waffles, french toast, bacon, sausage, fresh fruits, granola, a variety of cereals, pastries, bagels, muffins and more. It’s all here. All the options including vegan and gluten free choices. You will be charged and energized for your day’s adventure

cheeseburger and fries on a white plate

Surfside Grille

Imagine the sound of the waves crashing against the shoreline. The seagulls are calling out as they fly overhead. The reeds on the dunes are wafting in the breeze. The sun is hot. Not too hot. Just that perfect summer day that makes you want to stay outside all day long. Now hear the sizzle of the grill just up on the boardwalk. The perfect beachside meal is right there just waiting for you to sidle up and grab a quick bite and a cold drink. You know those times that the best meals are the simplest ones? Ones you can eat while still in your bathing suit? That’s here at Surfside Grille inside the waterpark at The Kartrite.

cup of coffee

The Highline

The sweet smell of a perfect cup o’ joe. The perfection of a crisp, refreshing New York style sandwich and snack. Relaxing while catching up on the news (or your Instagram account). That’s The Highline.

You are drawn to it. You can’t resist it. It pulls you in from hundreds of feet away….that aroma. Fresh coffee and tea. There’s nothing like it. Whether you need to rev up or to slow down, we have the perfect cup for you.

bar mez drinks

Bar Mez

Above it all, Bar Mez is the spot to see all that The Kartrite has to offer.

Our waterpark bar sits up on the mezzanine by the cabanas with the best view that the waterpark has to offer.  It’s the perfect place to escape everything, to let the sun hit you square on the shoulders and enjoy this moment.  Right here.  Right now.  

Surrounded by the beauty and magic of the Catskills, this is the reason you chose to escape.  We’re happy you’re here. 

boy looking at strawberries

Pop's Sweet Shoppe

It’s not every day that you get to treat yourself with a room full of sweetness. At Pop’s, today is the day to go for it. Because, well, sometimes it’s just fun to indulge. And here, the choices are many.

Caramel apples, homemade fudge, artisan crafted your mouth watering yet? Let your inner kid loose at Pops Sweet Shoppe where you can find all kids of confection to satisfy your sweet tooth.