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Surfside Grille


Imagine the sound of the waves crashing against the shoreline. The seagulls are calling out as they fly overhead. The reeds on the dunes are wafting in the breeze. The sun is hot. Not too hot. Just that perfect summer day that makes you want to stay outside all day long. Now hear the sizzle of the grill just up on the boardwalk. The perfect beachside meal is right there just waiting for you to sidle up and grab a quick bite and a cold drink. You know those times that the best meals are the simplest ones? Ones you can eat while still in your bathing suit? That’s here at Surfside Grille inside the waterpark at The Kartrite.

Snack on poolside hummus and guacamole and chips. Dig into a fresh caesar or chopped salad. Or bite into a healthy summer sandwich wrap. There’s brooklyn style pizza and some amazing burrito bowls. OK, so maybe this isn’t exactly the beachside grille you remember. Actually, it’s better.

Cholev Yisroel sandwiches and salads are available!

Weekly hours of operation
12PM - 7PM | Thursday - Monday
*Hours are subject to change​​

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We are now open 7 days a week through Labor Day!

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