Surfside Grille

Sometimes the best memories are triggered by the sense of sound and smell. Surfside Grille takes you right back to the beach - our beach here in the Catskills. Even the waves are crashing on the Flowrider right next to the Surfside. The grill is hot. The burgers, hot dogs, chicken (and everything else) is cooking. The perfect surfside meal is here.

But, like everything at The Kartrite, we’ve taken it one “Kartrite” step further. This is a resort after all. Snack on poolside hummus and guacamole and chips. Dig into a fresh caesar or chopped salad. Or bite into a healthy summer sandwich wrap. There’s brooklyn style pizza and some amazing baguette sandwiches and focaccia. OK, so maybe this isn’t exactly the beachside grille you remember. Actually, it’s better.

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