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7 kids club directors & educators share their favorite at home tips

7 Kids Club Directors & Educators Share their Favorite At-Home Tips

How To Build The Perfect S’more: Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark, Monticello, NY

Known as the S’mores Capital of the World, The Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark knows a thing or two about the art of making a perfect S’more. Last year, The Kartrite successfully made the world’s largest S’more! Every night the resort’s outdoor fire invite families to cozy up in the brisk Catskill Mountain air and roast marshmallows. The Kartrite suggests an at-home version of the ooey-gooey dessert for those stuck at home, with just three ingredients and a few simple steps.

Head of Activities, TK Kopp, says “Gather 6 graham crackers, 6 fun-sized chocolate bars and/or peanut butter cups and 6 large marshmallows. Then, preheat the broiler, assemble the S’mores—without topping them with graham crackers—on the baking sheet, and place under the broiler for a few seconds until the desired level of toasting. Remove and top with remaining graham cracker and enjoy!”

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