Indoor Adventures

What do obstacle enthusiasts, laser taggers, video gamers, and mini-bowlers have in common? They can all meet up and play for hours at our Catskills resort! We have countless activities to delight and excite adventurers of all ages! And the best part? They’re all on-site. You can get in a full day of play during your Catskills family vacation without ever leaving the premises!

family playing arcade games

Playopolis - Arcade

Our Playopolis arcade has every kind of arcade game you can think of! Win big on tickets and cash them in for Kartrite Resort prizes.

van winkles ally

Van Winkle's Alley

Strike! Spare! Gutter Ball! Van Winkle’s Alley is the perfect place for family fun where laughter is contagious! 

design of ropes course inside


Looking to get moving a bit? Conquer the Carabiners ropes course & zipline for a daring adventure!

mother daughter on rock wall


Climb, climb, climb! Scale the Scrapeskyer climbing wall and reach the summit!

dark sider logo

The Dark Side

Dive into a 3D adventure (or should we say, XD)! The Dark Side is a fully-interactive 3D gaming experience. Immerse yourself in a new world as you are transported to fascinating terrain. In the Dark Side you feel the experience.

girl shooting laser

AmazeQuest - Laser Tag

Form up and enter AmazeQuest for a game of laser tag! Your squad will work together to come out on top against rival teams (all in good fun, of course.)

kid playing virtual reality


No adventure center would be complete without VR! Virtuality is an innovative virtual reality ride that’s sure to amaze.

Girl in front of the vault

The Vault

Playing the games is only the beginning of the fun.

friends looking at arcade game

Indoor Adventure Pricing

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