Bethel Woods

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Bethel Woods - Home of the 1969 Woodstock Festival, live performances, and a whole lot of music history! A cutting-edge concert venue, Bethel Woods has been hosting top headliners for years, in addition to festivals, lectures, cabaret, and film screenings. Oh, plus a riveting museum dedicated to both Woodstock and the 1960s (authentic 60s artifacts included!) This state-of-the-art events center and concert venue in upstate NY is so much more than the ground it was founded upon (though being built on the hallowed ground of the most famous music festival in U.S. history isn’t too shabby.) The Kartrite Resort is just a short drive away from all the live shows and top headliners at the Bethel Woods Center For The Arts.

The Catskills Concert Experience In Upstate NY

Bethel Woods is home to an expansive outdoor amphitheater that can accommodate thousands of concert-goers. Artists from Elton John to Bob Dylan to Zac Brown Band have put on amazing shows at Bethel Woods. Whether you are looking for a spot stage-side or a place on the lawn, there’s a seat for you at this Catskills event center!

Special Events, Festivals, & Lectures

The Bethel Woods amphitheater also doubles as a fairground for special festivals and fundraisers taking place in the Catskills. Smaller theaters are available to host various shows, events, and lectures (and yes, Cabaret!)

Art Classes & Film Screenings

A not-for-profit performing arts center, Bethel Woods is dedicated to inspiring individuals through the arts and humanities. And trust us, they make good on their pledge. Take the family over for one of their weekend workshops, where Bethel Woods teaching artists work with children to develop artistic skills! Or check out one of the many movie screenings taking place at the Bethel Woods Museum Theater. If the weather’s glorious, they even show films outdoors, so you can bask in the beauty of the Catskills while you catch a movie with the family!

Explore Catskills History

You can tell your friends you’ve been to Woodstock! The Bethel Woods Museum highlights the historic 1969 Woodstock Music Festival, as well as special exhibits. Learn more about the 60’s cultural transformation (the era of flower power) and the influence of music on society. The museum features interactive displays, plus countless galleries of artifacts and groovy collectibles from the 1960s!


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