Pop's Sweet Shoppe

Relive the excitement of going to the candy store of your youth, and seeing all of your favorites. Pop’s Sweet Shoppe has all the classics mixed with the newest candies. Buy as little or as much as you’d like with our easy to use buy by the pound system. Feel free to mix and match your favorites and create a grab bag of happiness.

There are cases filled with homemade chocolates that will make you want to press your nose to the glass. Turtles, bon bons, butter creams, marzipan, raspberry truffles, just to name a few!  Not to mention the homemade fudge that will satisfy any chocolate lover.

And if candy isn’t what you crave (we’re not sure how that would be possible, but ok), try one of Pop’s frozen sweet treats... Enjoy a scoop (or two. Or three!) of fresh gelato. There’s always room for gelato!

Let loose. It’s ok. Calories don’t count on vacation!

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