Bixby's Derby

Simply put and perfect.
Bixby’s is:  Real.  Good.  Food.  

You know that place down the road?  The really good one.  The restaurant where you walk in and everything just works.  The place where the servers and the bartenders know exactly what you’re looking for.  And the place where the food challenges you just a bit.  And every time you venture just a touch beyond what you’re used to, you learn a little bit about yourself.  

Bixby’s Derby is that place.  

A little bit funky.  A little bit interesting.  And a lot of really, really good food.  

We’ve gathered some of the finest local meats and produce to create a simple, satisfying and scrumptious menu that will satisfy the foodies, the bar crowd, the kids and the pickiest of eaters.  

Enjoy a great meal and our handcrafted signature cocktails surrounded in comfort with the grand view of the Catskills right outside the windows.  

And, if you have a moment, check out our light fixtures built specifically for us here at Bixby’s.

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